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Handling machine

CNC Machine tools
取扱い機械CNC Lathe(0)
取扱い機械CNC Milling Machine(0)
取扱い機械CNC Grinding machine(1)
取扱い機械CNC Boring Machine(0)
取扱い機械NC EDM(0)
取扱い機械Other CNC Equipmentl(0)
General Machine Tools
取扱い機械Engine Lathe(0)
取扱い機械Milling Machine(0)
取扱い機械Grinding Machine(0)
取扱い機械Boring Machine(0)
取扱い機械Medium Boring Machine(0)
取扱い機械Other Engine(0)
取扱い機械Hot Press(2)
取扱い機械Other Press(0)
Sheeting/ Steel Machine
取扱い機械Hydraulic pressure shirring(0)
取扱い機械Turret Punch(0)
取扱い機械Other sheet metal machine(1)
Transportation and cargo handling Machine
取扱い機械Other transportation and cargo handling machine(0)
Other Machine
取扱い機械Weld Machine(0)
取扱い機械Surface Plate(1)
To the customer who considers sell.
 The whole country will make a business trip everywhere and rate for free of charge.
From general-purpose equipment of an old type way to the latest machine tool.
It'll correspond from 1 machine to a factory equipment service.

To the customer who considers purchase.
 I have a large selection of secondhand machines in an exhibition depot in 2 Hyogo prefectures (Kobe-shi and Miki-shi). It's possible to test an exhibition machine for a headquarters mechanical center anytime.

To the customer who considers export.
 The export business which made Korea and South East Asia the center has many good record of performance.

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2018.7.1  Kobe mechanical page was remodeled.
2016.2.2 Headquarters was moved.
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